Breaking barriers: why diversity and inclusion need to start from the top.

Laura Dixon, Marketing Executive in London, UK
05 March 2021

And just like that, it’s International Women’s Day again, which means one thing – it’s time for another Somo Sessions podcast! To celebrate it this year, we’re delving deep into the topic of diversity and equality. And there’s lots to talk about, especially in the current environment as the pandemic has shed light on many inequalities that exist in the workplace. According to the IFS, working mothers have been able to do only one hour of uninterrupted paid work for every three hours done by men during lockdown. But it’s not just productivity that has been affected. Mothers were also 47% more likely to have lost their job since the start of lockdown, and 14% more likely to have been furloughed.

Gender equality has become a popular topic during board meetings recently, but there’s still so much to be done to achieve a better gender balance and empower women to grow – and succeed – with confidence. Recent analysis Mercer conducted on over 1,1000 businesses across the world is a clear sign of how slowly things are progressing. The pipeline of women in leadership is rather leaky, with females making up only 23% of executive positions within businesses.

So, for our latest podcast, we sat down with Rebecca Crook, Somo’s Chief Growth Officer who also sits on a number of leadership boards outside of Somo, to talk about her career journey, views on gender equality in the workplace, the challenges that come with being a woman in business and what needs to be done to drive change in the industry.

Listen below to hear Rebecca talk more about:

  • How she got where she is and what helped her build confidence when working in a male-dominated sector

  • What the benefits of gender-balanced boards are

  • What businesses can do to become a more inclusive workplace

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