Congrats to our super Somo-ers!.

Megan Stott, Experience, Engagement & Culture Manager
23 September 2022

Our people are what make us who we are - without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. That’s why celebrating their special achievements and their day -to-day work is so important. 

Enter, our value awards. Celebrating our people based on our core values - one’s we’ve had since the beginning of Somo. They describe the things that matter to us, they shape our people, characterise our spirit, and echo through our work.

Create Success: Everything we do is meant to create success – for our clients, for the company, and most importantly – for each other. We deliver work we can all be proud of while shaping successful brands, successful careers, and successful lives.

Lead with Knowledge:We’re working relentlessly to always be at the forefront of our fast-paced industry. We take pride in our expertise. Our knowledge is hard-earned, so we use it to lead, acting as trusted advisors to our clients and the wider industry.

Love Innovation:We breathe innovation because we built our entire business on doing things that had never been done. For us, innovation is not just a buzzword or another new tech. It’s about how we work, the things we’re working on and how we constantly improve.

Be Brave: We’re not afraid to experiment and create things others think are impossible. So, we make bold choices. We’re brave. We’re different. We’re not afraid to speak up and share what we believe in. Because doing digital right takes courage. 

In July, we announced the bi-annual values winners and shared why they’d been selected for the award and the special reason they were being recognised. Congrats to all our winners! 

Diana Cadena, Lead Quality Engineer in Medellín

Create Success

Jaymz Campbell, Technical Architect in London

Create Success

Tianna Duty, Senior UX Designer in Washington D.C. 

Lead with Knowledge 

Richard Peterson, Technical Director in Charleston SC 

Lead with Knowledge 

Naty Gomez, People Manager  in Medellín

Love Innovation

Natalia Kiselev,  Software Engineer in London 

Love Innovation

Caitlin Roberts, Associate UX Designer in London

Be Brave

Myers Chatterton-Sim, Senior Product Manager in London 

Love Innovation

Carlos Ramirez, Lead Software Engineer in Medellín

Overall Winner

Values awards winners