Digital Ethics: connecting empathy, humanity and morality with technology.

Natalia Bochenska, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager in London, UK
05 November 2020

One of the biggest hurdles we face is learning how to connect empathy, humanity and morality with technology. Technology adoption is rising exponentially, even more so now when COVID-19 has become an everyday reality. But despite the proliferation of digital products, social media, and the growth of the digital ecosystem in general, there’s one thing that’s quite often not talked about (or rather – not actioned) enough. And that’s Digital Ethics. 

It’s an extremely broad topic that encompasses so many different areas – monetisation of products, inclusive design, mental health. But while these topics are becoming increasingly important for customers, a lot of brands are still prioritising profits and the immediacy of solving a problem over ethical choices.

Where’s the line between delivering a good, immediate and engaging product experience and building a product that erodes users’ mental health in the long-term? What are the moral obligations people have when designing, building and launching digital products? And why is it important to stop just talking about ethics – and start acting ethically?

Launching our newest Somo Sessions podcast: our look at Digital Ethics

In this newest podcast, we’re chatting to our Head of UX, Zeina Farha, and Creative Director, Graham Wood, to explore Digital Ethics, why it’s important, and what businesses (and employees) should be doing when designing products for public consumption. 

The podcast is part of our Digital Trends series focusing on five key trends that are shaping the digital ecosystem. It’s a fantastic opportunity to challenge how we design, build and implement digital solutions, without overlooking what’s most important – the human element. Check out other episodes in the series or download our report diving deeper into each of these topics.

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