Introducing Somo Sessions.

Natalia Bochenska, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager in London, UK
23 September 2019

Say hello to Somo Sessions – the occasional podcast featuring our product, design and tech superstars. 

For us, it’s an amazing opportunity to gather Somo’s brightest thinkers and talk about all things digital. For you, it’s free insight that (hopefully) sparks further conversations. 

So, check out the first podcast in the series. Together with our Chief Strategy Officer Ross Sleight, we’re taking a deeper look into Apple’s recent event, discussing what the new announcement means for their business, their customers, and the rest of the big four – Amazon, Facebook and Google. You’ll learn:

  • Why Apple’s shifting their business model and how stepping into services will impact their unique ecosystem 

  • Why the new iPhone is no longer filled with fancy new features and why it’s not necessarily bad news

  • Why Apple can hold their head high when it comes to user privacy protection – and what it means for other brands; and

  • Why and how the Apple Watch will continue to lead the wearables industry

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