Meet Gina – Somo's Agile Facilitator.

02 May 2019
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Last month, we've launched Meet the Team – our new series to showcase what it's really like to work at Somo, who we are and what makes us tick. London was an obvious choice to start with, and our Senior Product Manager Simon gave us a great insight into his role and what he loves most about working at Somo.

It's time to travel across the ocean. Our Charleston office may lack the power in numbers, but its culture still makes us proud – big time. So, meet Gina – our US-based Agile Facilitator in Engineering and find out more about what she does on a day-to-day basis.

1. You're an Agile Facilitator in Engineering... Sounds fancy, but what does it actually mean? 

I started here at Somo Charleston just a few months ago as an Agile Facilitator, which is a fancy way of saying that I do what I can to help my team successfully get work out the door. Our team here in the US has been working on a new awesome project for Audi that's launching now, so it’s been a really exciting time!

My typical day starts with a quick review of the team’s progress ahead of our daily stand-up. After the stand-up, I spend some time updating the team’s status, tracking down any questions I can help get answers to, and scheduling things out for the team if they need any support on the day. For the rest of the day, you might find me in various meetings or ceremonies, working on reports for stakeholders, and helping prep for future work for the team.

2. What’s different about working at Somo?

Throughout my career, I’ve mostly worked at larger companies, so coming to Somo Charleston is quite a shift for me. But I love the excitement and energy around the company’s growth and its future! It’s a dynamic, fun environment to work in, with lots going on and new challenges every day. I like a little pace, and there’s definitely no lack of it here! The days fly by. And then, of course, there’s the great group of people I’ve met either here in Charleston or virtually in London and Bristol offices. I love a warm welcome, and I’ve definitely felt that here!

3. Three interesting facts about you

1. Although my primary creative outlet is writing novels, I’ve played piano since I was four years old and have written a few songs as well.

2. I can’t whistle or say the word “Houston” properly.

3. I took a bus across the United States once because I ran out of money in Idaho and had no other way to get home. It took almost 4 days to get back to South Carolina. I don’t recommend it, but I’ve got some great stories to share.


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