Meet Jay ‘Jivko' – Somo’s Technical Architect.

13 October 2021

1. What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on at Somo?

Oh, easily the Salesforce one. It’s very challenging, often quirky, but such a great opportunity. And the variety and diversity of the team is simply amazing. We have almost 30 people coming from various cultures around the world - it is incredible to be part of that. Thank you, Somo!

2. What superpower do you bring to the team?

To find the bright side, the silver lining` and to make a mango lemonade garnished with fresh mint and served in a shiny crystal glass with a little tropical umbrella on top... when all you were given was a bunch of lemons. I guess that would be it.

3. What is your favorite office in the Somo world and why?

Mmm, I think I would go with the Bora Bora office!

Sitting with your Mac on the deck, watching the sun going down into the water with an orange-red firestorm of shades - priceless. The crystal clear turquoise waters, white sand, the greenery of the palm trees - any picture you take in that place is a screensaver worthy! I know, I know,  some people say it is too basic... and, yes, I can see that, it is really just a wooden hut in the water (“overwater bungalow” anyone?); on the bright side - that is sustainable construction, right :) But the thing that really sold me is the slide from the second floor deck straight into the warm waters...makes for truly refreshing breaks :)

Wait, wait...what?! You mean, we don’t have an office in Bora Bora?! Ah, well, nothing’s perfect, there’s always room for improvement! In that case, I’ll take the Charleston office. It’s pretty close to being perfect already!

Somo ranked as the best medium agency to work for in this year’s Campaign Magazine’s Best Places to Work 2021. 

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