Meet Natalia – Somo’s Strategic Marketing Manager.

30 April 2020
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We want you to meet another Somo-er – and this time, we’re heading straight to our marketing team!

Natalia joined us in 2019 and is the core of our small but mighty marketing team. She loves being able to get involved in all aspects of the job, and in this team, you certainly can. Just a few months ago, she won the Somo values award – an award given to those who live and breathe Somo's four core values: Create Success, Lead with Knowledge, Love Innovation and Be Brave.

Below, Natalia tells us what she loves most about our culture, why she prefers to be a T-shaped person, and which Somo product is her favourite.

1. What's a typical day like for you at Somo?

I know it’s a cliché – but there really is no typical day, not at Somo! It largely depends on what the next big thing is, what’s the next deadline, what we are aiming to accomplish that week.

The marketing and new biz team is pretty small, so everyone gets involved in a bit of everything to make sure we produce things we’re all proud of and that drive the business forward.It might be writing award entries to get the word out about the great work we do or the truly fantastic culture Somo has built over the years. It might be working on new content to help brands navigate through the complex digital landscape, or helping Somo-ers get their own blog articles shiny and ready to publish. It could be working on some outbound email campaigns to increase our reach, or creating our monthly newsletters to share fresh insight and strategic advice. It could be helping out on PR, proofreading content or  working with the team on new events we’re organising.

Sometimes, I’m venturing into other Somo teams to help with copywriting for client-related projects, or creating internal collateral to attract new Somo-ers, get them onboarded and keep them happy. 

We’ve also just launched an MVP of our new website, so a big chunk of my time over the last few months was spent on helping our product, design and delivery teams to make it happen – writing copy, giving feedback on designs and making sure the marketing voice is heard and translated into the final product.

There’s a lot to get done and lots of opportunities to get your hands dirty. But it’s the variety that makes up what I love most about working here (aside from free massages, of course)!

2. What’s your favourite part about being on the Marketing team at Somo?

A lot of companies focus on specialists when it comes to marketing – a different person for social media, a different one for email marketing, content, events, analytics and so on. I believe the power lies in T-shaped people, and it’s great Somo has the same view on this!

I love the freedom to craft and create things the way I believe is right. The leadership team always makes us feel that we have a voice – and that we can act on it, as experts in what we do. It stems from Somo’s core values and the strong culture of trust and transparency, and it really filters down to the way things are done on a daily basis. That’s something that shouldn’t be underestimated, as it doesn’t happen often – and especially not in marketing, a field that everyone seems to have an opinion on, regardless of the job title. 

I love the variety too. With roots in arts, a degree in psychology and marketing, background in fashion and innovative tech start-ups – I don’t think I would enjoy working on just one single stream and, at Somo, I don’t have to.

3. What’s your favourite product that Somo has created?

My favourite one must be De Beers (and I swear it’s not because of the diamonds). As someone who recently got married, I know how much stress my husband went through to find the perfect ring to accompany that special moment. It’s tough! There’s so much choice out there, but rarely you can find a solution that inspires your trust and delivers beauty – just the way you like it. The customer-facing website and the iPad app Somo has created for De Beers’ in-store consultants help customers craft their perfect bespoke engagement ring, while showing real-time stock availability, and how the prices change with various bespoke settings. Stunningly curated, simple to use, and with a timeless interface showcasing – and selling – De Beers diamond range with stylish elegance.

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