Meet Naty Gomez – Somo’s People Experience Manager.

20 January 2022
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It’s time to meet another member of our team! Meet Naty, our People Experience Manager from Somo’s office in Colombia.

Our people team is a very important part of Somo; they look after all of our lovely Somo-ers and help keep everything moving smoothly.  In this Meet the Team blog, we’re talking to Naty about her favourite parts of Somo, which team here at Somo interests her the most, and what her superpower would be. 

What’s your favourite thing about Somo? 

The culture of trust and appreciation.  Here at Somo people are recognized and rewarded when they do great work and I love that everyone has a genuine interest in supporting, understanding and encouraging each other.  

What team at Somo interests you the most?  

I can only tell you that I am in the best team already! The People Team. It allows me the privilege of providing a helping hand whenever needed.  We are always thinking about new ways to create the best work experience for all Somo-ers and to cultivate our amazing Somo culture. Part of my job in the People Team is to get to know almost every single person in the company. This makes it such a  rewarding job! I can create meaningful and lasting relationships with people from all over the business. 

If you had one superpower - what would it be? 

I would say my superpower has to be super speed. I love to be productive and make the most out of every day :) 

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