Meet Vicky – Somo’s Product Manager.

23 August 2021

We're back with another Meet the Team blog, where we take some time to chat to a member of the team and find out more about them, their role and their time at Somo.

We're heading to our product team and catching up with Vicky Urruela, who joined Somo this year. We talk to Vicky about her role in the team, her passion for product and innovation, what she thinks about Somo so far and what superpower she would have if she could have just one. 

1. You joined the team earlier this year. What's the best thing about joining Somo?

The complicity for sure. Being new to a company or project can feel quite lonely and overwhelming. You also have views on situations and approaches sometimes that you don’t necessarily agree with, so having a team that is the ying to my yang, and gives me support and perspective keeps me sane! Another great thing is the genuine care that is second nature throughout the agency. When my manager and my colleagues ask if everything is ok on my end, they don’t just mean ‘is everything OK with the client?’, they genuinely care that I am ok.

2. What do you love most about your role in product?

In product management, we have to be fantastic storytellers. It requires practice, adaptability, flexibility and perseverance. I’ve always struggled with it, and even after 8+ years working in product, and mindfully working towards improving my storytelling, I’m not fully proficient in it, that’s why I love the process of problem definition and solution brainstorming. Having that creative space can really help you create a map for your story and bring people on a journey with you.

3. If you had one superpower what would it be?

Teletransportation/time travelling powers. I would love to see first hand the life of my ancestors. Can you imagine going back in time or in the future, or even going to a specific situation to observe first hand what went on? Or going to an idyllic island when you are trying to switch off instead of streaming ocean sounds? If only!

Somo ranked as the best medium agency to work for in this year’s Campaign Magazine’s Best Places to Work 2021. 

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