Somo is the best digital agency to work for in 2020, according to Campaign Magazine.

Natalia Bochenska, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager in London, UK
23 March 2020

For the second year running, Campaign Magazine has recognised Somo as one of the UK’s best places to work.

Last year, we ranked high: #2 in medium-size agencies and #6 overall – across all digital, media, marketing, and advertising agencies out there in the UK. 

This year we did even better. We’re delighted to announce that we’re the best digital agency to work for in 2020, and ranked a high #4 in the overall ranking taking under consideration agencies of all sizes and all types. 

This is a wonderful achievement. We’ve been working extremely hard to create a culture we can all be proud of – a culture of empowerment and trust, where encouraging collaboration, curiosity, constant learning, and an openness to change is an everyday norm.

‘This last year we've hired more people across three continents than ever before in our history. To see our culture continue to flourish whilst at the same time achieving such rapid expansion is very rewarding’, says James Turner, Somo’s Chief People Officer. ‘The innovative perks are great of course, but we believe that to truly fulfil our purpose – delivering digital ambitions at pace and scale – we must continue to be the people-first business we've always been, to maintain a supportive, collaborative and inclusive environment, and hold our values at the core of everything we do’.

The Best Places to Work award shows we must be doing something right, but the journey is not yet finished – because, here at Somo, culture is something we do, and we are continuously looking at ways to do things better.

Campaign Best Places to Work is a survey and awards programme celebrating the UK’s best employers, aiming to highlight the elements that make an agency or commercial media business one of the best places to work for. 

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