Our look at Digital Wellbeing.

Megan Stott, Marketing Manager in London, UK
01 April 2020

Welcome back to the Somo Sessions podcast and the first in our Digital Trends series.

We released our 2020 Digital Trends report earlier this year, where we explored key digital themes that should be on every organisation’s radar as we step into the new decade: digital wellbeing, digital truth, digital privacy, digital skills and digital ethics. In this new podcast series, we delve deeper into each of these subjects with our Somo experts.

For our first episode, we sit down with Jocelyn, our SVP of Digital Culture and Engagement, and Myers, our Innovation Lab Manager, to discuss the topic of Digital Wellbeing and how digital affects the customer and employee experience.

Digital Wellbeing is a theme that’s gaining more and more traction, as our personal – and professional – lives become increasingly dependent on technology. The adoption and usage rates of smartphones are rising exponentially. In parallel, the way people use (or overuse) their phones has been under scrutiny for some time now, rightly so as it’s something we certainly must be conscious of.    

But the topic of Digital Wellbeing goes much further than our daily screen time – it’s the impact that digital technologies have on our physical, mental and emotional health; and the wider implications on the cultural and social aspects. So, how can businesses continue to iterate on the latest software, features and designs while ensuring to promote a healthy relationship with digital technology? 

We’re exploring this and more in our latest podcast. In this episode of Somo Sessions, you’ll learn:

  • What Digital Wellbeing really means – any why it’s not as simple as reducing our screen time

  • What steps have tech companies taken to promote positive Digital Wellbeing? We’re seeing an increased focus on implementing new measures to protect user wellbeing, shown by tech giants such as Apple and Google. Are other brands following their footsteps?

  • How technology and Digital Wellbeing affects our day-to-day experiences, both as customers and employees

  • With the Coronavirus outbreak, a large portion of the population are slowly adjusting to the new reality of remote working, but what does this ‘always-on’ environment and the need to stay connected mean for employees’ Digital Wellbeing – and how can you mitigate it? 

  • As tech companies, brands and business leaders, what responsibility do we have in designing – and implementing – products with empathy for users? How can we start designing for better wellbeing and healthier customer experiences? How could you – as a brand – contribute to making digital better and creating a more humane world?

  • And finally, what are the three key actions for brands to ensure they have Digital Wellbeing at the heart of their products?

We hope you enjoy the insightful podcast and tune into the next podcast on Digital Truth. To get a full look at the report insights, download our Digital Trends paper here.

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