Somo wins for Creativity and Innovation in The Drum Recommends Digital Awards.

Natalia Bochenska, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager in London, UK
21 October 2020

Last month, we shared some big news – we got shortlisted at The Drum Recommends Digital Awards 2020. Being top-rated by our clients and selected as finalists among so many other wonderful agencies was already an incredible achievement.

Today, we have even bigger news. As the awards ceremony revealed the top-rated digital agencies who deliver outstanding results to their clients, we’re so pleased to say we’re #1 in the category we hold most dear – Creativity and Innovation!

It's always exciting to see your hard work recognised, and never more so than when it's voted for directly by our clients. Our teams really do throw themselves into the creative process to design and deliver great digital products for people, so it's especially lovely to win something in this category.

- Graham Wood, Somo’s Creative Director 

Winning The Drum Recommends Digital Awards
is quite a big thing.

Each year, The Drum picks a few agencies that have received the highest ratings and best reviews from their clients, to help brands quickly identify the best digital agency to work with. These awards are one of a kind in the industry – there are no entries to submit or papers to write. Winning can only be achieved through brilliant work, happy clients, and the highest regard of those we work closest with, as demonstrated through anonymous client ratings that score us on how well we did when delivering digital products for their business.

Well, turns out we did pretty well. Here’s what our clients said about us:

Siemens Financial Services

Ajay Patel, Head of Strategic Development and Marketing at Siemens Financial Services in the UK said:

Somo helped us in a very successful way to rethink our customer interfacing strategy and was crucial to build our team and approach to implement our digitization strategy. The work we've done with Somo is still a landmark success in our company. They way Somo did all that was as much focused on value creation for us and our success as I've never before experienced it with a business partner.

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Siemens FS hero image


Charles Watson, Co-founder & COO at Blackout Technologies said:

Fantastic to work with, innovative team, very professional, extremely supportive and reactive, great network, delivering on time and within budget. End product is always extremely high spec from design to operation.

See our Blackout case study here.

Blackout hero image


Yonadav Yuval, Head of Digital Technology and Architecture at E.ON said:

Very professional, very customer-focussed, very flexible, high quality, highly recommended, enjoy working with them, and will use them again.

Somo E.ON hero image for the blog


David Choe, Chief Growth Officer at swIDch said:

Somo is an innovative and agile agency who has helped drive our business forward in Europe. Through their tailored and collaborative approach, they've allowed our small team to operate at an accelerated pace. They have expertise in every aspect of business, allowing us to seamlessly scale our operations with experienced professionals.

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swIDch hero image for the blog