Waking up to the reality of electric vehicles.

Deryck Chester, Marketing Executive
18 November 2019

The UK government has unveiled its plan to introduce green-coloured number plates to promote the take-up of electric vehicles on our roads. This Road to Zero strategy, with £1.5bn of government investment, introduces a package of incentives which aims to make the UK ‘the best place in the world to own and build an electric vehicle’. 

But will the scheme’s success be dependent on the government’s ability to build partnerships with local authorities and car manufacturers? And what are the current barriers slowing down universal ‘buy-in’ from the car-buying public? 

In her recent article for Automotive World, Somo’s CGO Rebecca Crook looks at some of the stark analysis of Somo’s recent automotive customer survey; which examines the attitudes of over 2,000 drivers towards electric cars. Although 1 in 3 is thinking about making the switch, the results bring into sharp focus the obstacles ahead, with every indication that a mass switch to electric vehicles is not yet on the horizon. Rebecca says that whilst the government is absolutely right to launch their strategy now, this alone will not help them overcome the obstacles and challenges ahead of them.

She highlights some of the biggest barriers we found through our customer research, and discusses the role that digital will play in supporting the switch:

Our research shows that consumers are very open to using tools and technology that would visualise the positives in switching. This is a natural and obvious area for focus when tools and technology are used in our day-to-day life in so many other ways. Technology could easily illustrate the environmental benefits, the difference in running costs, finding charging points, resale value estimates and even comparisons to other models’. 

But all this will depend on the government delivering its partnership infrastructure schemes. The reality is that millions of households in the UK don’t have access to a driveway or a dedicated parking space – so, simple infrastructure, enabling consumers to use electric vehicles as part of their daily routines will be critical, asserts Rebecca. Removing these barriers, including price and product range, will ultimately be the determining factors as to when and how successfully the UK adopts electric vehicles. 

 You can read the full Automotive World article here (though you need to subscribe!).