We are Digital Transformation Company of the Year.

30 November 2021

Following a succession of recent awards, we’re thrilled to announce our latest accolade: Company of the Year - Digital Transformation Solution Providers, by CIO Applications Europe. To mark the award, the enterprise tech magazine has published a feature article revealing how Somo is uniquely placed to help businesses achieve their digital transformation ambitions in a post-pandemic climate.

Read the article.

There are lots of reasons behind the win, but we’d like to highlight the key areas where Somo is adding real value to our clients’ transformation plans and which we believe are integral to delivering enterprise solutions at pace and scale. 

Four Enterprise Transformation Tips for Success

#1 Enterprise Platforms go well with Agile Processes. Choosing to use enterprise tools doesn’t stop you from adopting modern approaches. As a lead digital partner for VW Group, North America, we are showing how agile and DevOps can be applied efficiently to complex SaaS products like Salesforce, where we are introducing the use of the Jenkins CI server and GitHub.

#2 Build fewer things, better. Many enterprises struggle with creating the same basic web components over and over again, none of which are exactly on brand or can easily be shared. We’ve been part of numerous design system projects, notably with Audi global, and believe that the secret is not React or Angular, it’s finding a way to build something that a variety of stakeholders want to both use and contribute to.

#3 Serve all the users. Customer Experience matters. Back Office Experience matters.  Developer Experience matters.  Solutions that deliver an integrated, end-to-end experience often provide the most business value. In our work with Vanguard Europe, we’ve built the tools and approach to make web applications using Node.js, Angular, and AEM that please end-users, are easier to content manage, and tick the developer box too. 

#4 Product design should be led by user testing and business value. There are lots of ‘valuable’  things to build and lots of ways to build them. Building important things the right way is easier when you lead the process with deep analysis and rigorous ongoing user testing. As we did for auto-switching service Look After My Bills, where we developed a fully clickable prototype, validated with behavioural triggers and tested by 50 consumers, which helped to shape the brand’s product development roadmap.

You can check out some examples of our award-winning work over here. And, if you fancy, follow us on social media to find out first-hand the next award news!

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