What are the Somo value awards?.

Laura Dixon, Marketing Executive in London, UK
01 October 2021

Create Success, Lead with Knowledge, Love Innovation and Be Brave. These are our values. They're what we were founded on 11 years ago and they're still the bedrock of our agency today. 

Twice a year, we award some very special Somo-ers who have best demonstrated these values in everything they do. To celebrate it this year, we’re chatting to some of our most recent value award winners, asking them all about our values and what they mean to them.


Value awards-01

What do our values mean to you?

- Most companies have values, but if you ask employees to recite them they'd have no idea because after your first induction they're never mentioned again. Not at Somo! Apart from the fact, Carl (our COO) quizzes us every company update (no joke!) they're embedded into everything we do. They're used by everyone from senior leadership down to all employees and new joiners every day, meaning that they're truly lived by and not just something we say we do to look good.

Felipe - Somo’s values align with me and make up a part of each of the challenges that I take on every day in my role.

Ola - I think values are very personal. I didn’t start working here because of the values, but I think one of the reasons I was hired was because my own values align with those of Somo. I guess I’ve never really set out to have those values, but it’s a combination of nurture & nature - I’ve grown up in different countries, and being an immigrant from a very young age has instilled some core concepts in me –having an idea of ambition, being successful, standing up for what I believe in (being ‘brave’ I guess?) and ‘knowledge’ is how all those values kind of came to fruition - I’m always trying to improve on what I know, what I can learn.

Cameron - Somo does a great job at encouraging individual growth. I believe that support is what allows us to create success. Our environment has allowed me to continue learning new technologies and innovate new processes. We’re encouraged to take risks and strive for better.

How do you feel about winning a Somo’s value award?

- Amazing! It's a lovely thing to know that people value you for the work you do and that good work is always recognised, even when we're remote. The awards are definitely my favourite part of our company updates.

Ola - I am glad to have won it because it means that everyone I work with appreciates working with me. That means a lot to me because I really appreciate working with everyone I work with too!

Cameron - I’m honored. Somo is full of talented people who strive for excellence daily. To be recognized is great, but to work alongside these individuals is even better. 

Felipe - I feel so incredibly honored as well, especially about receiving the value “create success”. It shows how the company sees my performance and that my contributions to solving some of the big challenges involved in opening and running our Colombia office didn’t go unnoticed. 

What is your favourite thing about working here at Somo?

- The people. Everyone is approachable, easygoing, and hard-working.

Ola - The balance in freedom of creativity and working within constraints. I think it’s a difficult balance to strike, and I think that’s something that’s valued here, which is a culture thing. Culture comes from the top and Somo has excellent culture and people. The people make the party. I appreciate that a lot.

Megan - Ooh there's lots! The openness from the leadership team has to be one, you always feel in the know which I think is important. I'd also say the flexibility, not just of where and when we work, but Somo understands that life happens and that you may need extra time, help, or assistance.

Felipe - Somo’s people-first approach and ‘one team’ mindset are the main things that I love. It’s felt throughout the company itself, but also when looking at our leaders and every single team member across all the offices.

Like the sound of all that? Well, we’re on the lookout for more brilliant people to join Team Somo. If you’re interested, be sure to get in touch with recruitment@somoglobal.com