What is the real human impact of technology for 2020?

Deryck Chester, Marketing Executive
06 February 2020

In Somo's latest 2020 Digital Trends report, we’re looking at our relationship with digital and predict that 2020 will bring a sea-change in corporate responsibility across a range of sectors.

Many column inches have been devoted to emerging digital trends — including the potential of augmented reality, blockchain and machine learning. But are tech innovators on the cusp of a new digital revolution; one that puts ethical product design and policies in line with commercial capabilities? 

Digital Wellbeing is at the core of this debate. With negative headlines about exploitative social media — with its deliberately addictive nature and algorithm-driven content — it's difficult to ignore the ‘moral panic-like’ focus that this topic is being given. Our report looks at the stats and behaviours behind the stories and explores the need for tech and business leaders to take ownership of these trends and promote a healthy connection with the digital world. 

In the report, we also look at subjects such as Digital Privacy and Digital Truth – and what companies need to be doing to protect the rights of individuals and organisations. Product honesty is now expected by consumers in every sector and if brands don’t get this right, they could be left exposed to reputational damage. 

Our 2020 Digital Trends report offers advice on how to perform your own ethical digital health checks and recommends how findings can be implemented to form an open, collaborative and agile culture across every floor.

Download Somo’s insightful analysis and find out more about the five key trends that will shape the digital ecosystem in 2020: Digital Wellbeing, Digital Privacy, Digital Truth, Digital Skills, Digital Ethics.