Repairing the Broken Mortgage Journey.

Summer 2022

There’s no shortage in demand when it comes to buying a home in the UK. 80% of people looking to do so turn to brokers for a helping hand. Why? Because the journey to buying a house is a long and painful one. There is one thing almost every homebuyer wants: more digital solutions. In fact, roughly a third of people we surveyed, said they felt frustrated by the lack of digital services used.

Download our report and you'll:

  • Get exclusive consumer research insights and in-depth analysis of what consumers want from mortgage providers, along with views from industry-leading experts such as Keith Gulliver – Head of Brand and Marketing at TSB Bank.

  • Explore what’s currently wrong with the house-buying process and how digital can address the issues mortgage providers are facing

  • Get to know what a digital-first approach really means and discover how you can build a digital self-serve portal rapidly, such as that devised for E.ON Next, one of the world's leading renewable energy companies

  • Uncover five key technology solutions you can deploy today

  • Gain expert recommendations that’ll make a big difference to your digital experience


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