Audi UK

Redefining how consumers engage online to create a radical differentiation

Our award winning re-design and development of Audi’s UK site has transformed their position as a premium brand, while massively boosting revenue and sales.

The Vision

Audi wanted to lead the change and set new standards for digital customer experience in the automotive industry. The vision also needed to meet business requirements to increase brochure requests, aid the number of showroom appointments and enhance customer understanding of the Audi range and models.

Industry Landscape

With fewer and fewer consumers visiting car dealerships in person and an increasing number opting to interact online, a new approach to digital is essential for brands to meet customer needs. Delivering exceptional digital experiences whilst boosting car enquiries and sales is critical to the success of manufacturers.


From a technical perspective, Audi’s UK digital presence had previously been split across two separate websites: desktop and mobile. This disjointed approach led to significant inefficiencies and unnecessary complexity which needed to be tackled.

From a brand perspective, Audi has a reputation as a premium automotive brand, but their digital channels were far from accurately reflecting Audi’s positioning. Leveraging their hard-earned reputation across the digital landscape was critical to ensure all brand touchpoints and customer experiences are seamless and in line with the rising expectations.


To achieve the objectives and bring long-term change, we used our disruptive methodology for delivering digital products, pushing the limits of cross-sector customer experience innovation.

Our rapid design approach allowed us to deliver in just 20 weeks (10 two-week sprints), with each sprint ending in user testing to gain feedback and iterate the product for the highest impact.

The new site has redefined how people explore car models online, leading the change in the automotive sector. A number of innovative features, including a new product exploration journey, device sensing and an inventive grid solution for the homepage has led to vast improvements in positive customer feedback and a direct contribution to sales leads.

Business Outcomes

Getting quotes and customers into a dealership is a major indicator of purchase intent – and a key KPI measure for Audi. Somo exceeded all targets, with the new website winning award after award in both the automotive sector and overall for best-in-class customer experience design. Based on the business results, the style and approach we created has been adapted within Audi AG in Germany and Audi of America.


  • Brochure requests up by
  • Homepage bounce rates reduced by
  • Quotes for Audi models increased by

What the client said


“What it has done, from an internal cultural perspective, is change the way that people view us as a digital team. We started out, a few years ago, almost as a vertical pillar within the organisation – and what we’ve begun to do is knock that pillar over, so that we’re cross-cutting through the entire organisation, and people are viewing us as a viable means of transforming their own business area”.

Antony Roberts
Head of Digital at Audi UK