Digitising the wealth management experience for a top 10 global bank

We developed a new global forms platform for HSBC Wealth Management product applications, which saved both time and paper.

The Vision

The user experience of HSBC’s global Wealth Management product application process was in need of urgent transformation. Relationship Managers were being forced to visit customers with reams of paper forms in order to complete a product application. This was impacting their productivity whilst also lowering standards in service for high-end customers. Our goal was to build a sustainable, entirely digital solution that was frictionless, quick for both parties and worked on a global level.

Industry Landscape

The growth in FinTechs has been exponential over recent years and shows no signs of slowing. People now enjoy greater choice, flexibility, and intuitive experiences to help manage their money and investments in a way that suits their lifestyles. At home, at work, on the move. Previously mainstream banks could rely on their reputation and a lack of serious competition. But they’ve been disrupted by digital challengers who offer better product experiences, superior customer service, and more efficient employee working models. So digital transformation is the number one priority for the industry.


The solution needed to scale globally which meant we had to master many language and cultural nuances whilst working with client teams across six different locations and multiple time zones. Enhanced security was also a critical success factor as was the ability to empower HSBC teams to manage content and product updates quickly and efficiently.


Adopting a user-centric and agile approach as well as drawing on our expertise with Java products like React, we designed and developed the Digital Forms Platform. It enabled Relationship Managers to efficiently identify the correct product forms, display them on their devices, and complete them with the customer.

Business Outcomes

The Digital Forms Platform gave Wealth Management customers a more seamless, premium service than before and saved significant administration time for staff. The extra speed and efficiency it added to the process helped to cut product application times from weeks to days. It was also one of the first solutions to host HSBC customer data outside of HSBC, using an Adobe cloud-based service.


  • 100%
    paper free sustainable solution
  • Award winner
    Best Omni Channel Integration at the 2020 Digital Global Retail Banking Innovation Awards (Singapore team)

What the client said


"Working with Somo, we were able to deliver an award-winning wealth investment solution for our customers in Singapore. From our initial Proof of Concept through to delivery, the team at Somo were pivotal in understanding requirements and resolving technical challenges."

Ash Patel
Programme Delivery Lead at HSBC