Revolutionising the Dealership Experience

Transforming the perception of the showroom to meet consumers’ changing behaviour.

The Vision

ŠKODA UK wanted to redefine their retail experience with a brand new showroom solution that facilitates a seamless, valuable interaction between business and customers by leveraging modern technologies.

Industry Landscape

The way consumers buy cars has changed. The entire pre-purchase journey has moved from a long phase of visiting over six different dealers to 84% of car buyers now undertaking all research online – all before even choosing which dealership to visit. Consumers also spend less time considering which car to purchase due to the amount of information available online. In this demanding ecosystem, every interaction counts to help convert sales.


ŠKODA wanted to be brave in their approach and were happy to break the mould to take on industry-firsts, if it would mean their customer satisfaction levels would rise and the solution would critically help drive sales conversions in the showroom.


Understanding both staff pain points and customer expectations through the focus groups we undertook with pilot retailers helped us map out the perfect seamless experience for both user groups. During this process, we unearthed many insights and integrated these into the solution.

One example is functionality that allows the customer and salesperson to surface other manufacturers’ car models, enabling them to compare and contrast competitor vehicle details whilst in the showroom. This is an industry-first, but our insight showed it’s a practice customers follow religiously before the car purchase. We took the bold move to offer this content, showing ŠKODA’s confidence in the product and, in turn, giving customers full transparency.

Using our iterative agile methodology to ensure rapid development, we delivered a solution – The Digital Assistant – that redefines how sales executives engage with customers in showrooms.

Business Outcomes

The Digital Assistant sits on the sales person’s tablet and vastly reduces dependency on physical car model brochures. It offers all the range, specification and price information in one easy-to-access place, saving time and removing friction points in the sales process for customers and the salesperson. Ditching the traditional desk-bound sales experience gives the customer more time in-car and more time to engage with the salesperson, enabling retailers to focus on bringing aspects of new models to life.


  • 4.95/5
    customer satisfaction score (up from 4.58)
  • 123
    launched in all 123 dealers across the UK
  • 30,000
    hours of app usage from staff since the national roll-out in just 3 months

What the client said


“Through our work with Somo, we found a solution that clearly helps both the sales executive and customer, offering our customers a better experience whilst saving them time. We now proactively help customers compare our models with other brands on the market, which offers more transparency and shows our true confidence in the products we are selling”.

Kirsten Stagg
Head of Marketing at ŠKODA UK