De Beers

Creating a global solution to improve the customer and staff experience

Providing a luxury brand with a premium customer website and staff tool to aid the in-store experience and help convert sales quicker.

The Vision

The purchase of a diamond ring is both expensive and exciting. De Beers wanted to improve the entire end-to-end customer journey and become the ‘only go-to place’ for diamond rings. The vision was two-fold; equipping their staff with real-time insight and data on the location and inventory details of diamonds to improve the customer experience; and to have a world-class website that showcases the range of rings whilst enabling customers to design their own diamond ring at home.

Industry Landscape

With online shopping becoming ever more dominant, the importance of real-time data and immediacy for customers is key when deciding which retailer to shop with. It’s no longer acceptable for retailers to not know where stock is and how long it will take to make and deliver a product. Customers want to make purchases whenever they wish, expecting a frictionless experience both in the physical retail store environment as well as online.


De Beers had two challenges to overcome. Firstly, to make life easier for their staff to provide customers with a true reflection of diamonds’ location and delivery times, enabling them to offer a seamless experience. From a customer perspective, De Beers insight showed that when making a life-changing purchase such as buying an engagement ring, trust is critical throughout the buying process. Their new solution needed to harness this.


With user-centric design at the heart of the process, our cross functional team identified the right product approach and digital strategy to replicate the luxurious in-store experience from both a staff and customer’s perspective.

Using cutting-edge technologies such as geolocation, we designed and built a responsive customer-facing website with a frictionless flow and best-in-class user experience.

To drive sales and support the in-store brand ambassadors and sales teams, we created an iPad application with a fully integrated back-end system, real-time availability, inventory updates, bespoke diamond ring creation functionality and a beautiful interface that staff could share with customers, showcasing the De Beers diamond range with stylish elegance.

Business Outcomes

Both the staff app and the customer-facing website have been a great success for De Beers. Staff satisfaction has improved and customers now have a full end-to-end seamless experience.

What the client said


“The new site and app is an important development for our brand. We wanted to create an experience that was inspiring and immersive, as well being consistent with our unique DNA. With diamond mastery spanning 125 years, our new solution offers users an insight into our wondrous world of diamond jewellery and advice from our experts at the De Beers Institute of Diamonds.”

Francois Delage
CEO at De Beers Diamond Jewellers